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Below are descriptions and links to the necessary forms Sandstone Realty requires to manage your properties.


Property Management Agreement – We must have this form to begin managing the property as it gives us permission to act on your behalf.  We also cannot payout rental proceeds if this is not on file.  We ask that you read it carefully as it contains important information.

Consumer Guide – This is a state mandated form that is required to be signed and kept on file.  It explains the policy of Sandstone Realty when working with Landlords/Tenants.

Owner Information Form – This is so we can collect your contact information so we are able to communicate with you when necessary.  We are only collecting the information we require and do not give out your information to anyone – including the tenant.

Property Information Form – We need this information so we can gain the knowledge of the property that you do.  Know one knows your property better then you do and for us to excel at our mission we must be made privy to that information.  The more information you provide now, the more accurate and faster we can be at marketing your property.

W9 Form – This is a required document so we are able to send your 1099 and tax reports at the end of the year quickly.  We may also need this information when turning on utilities, filling out government forms, etc.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form – We find that direct deposit is the fastest and most efficient way to receive your rent proceeds.  This form is giving us permission to make the deposit directly into your bank account and gives you the opportunity to give us accurate banking information.  By choosing this option you are saving yourself the added time of going to the bank to make a deposit and avoid the possibility of the check getting lost in the mail and delaying you receiving your money.

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