Rent Collection

Our team is dedicated to collecting rent on time by providing tenants with numerous avenues to pay their rent from auto payments to using their online tenant portal and even pay slips. If a tenant does not pay on time we assess late fees, text, email and call the tenant. We post 3 day notices and file evictions promptly if needed. Payment plans are only offered and implemented to tenants who have a strong payment history. No partial payments are accepted. Weekly statements are emailed to the tenants so they are aware of any balances that may be on their account.

  • Auto pay feature available to tenant
  • Can pay rent using a checking account or credit card in their tenant portal
  • Pay slips can be used to pay rent at several different retailers including CVS, 7/11 or Ace Cash Express Facility
  • Calls, texts, emails and phone blasts are sent once rent is late
  • 3 day notices are promptly posted
  • Every attempt is made to collect rent from non-paying tenants and evictions are only filed once we believe that we have exhausted every option
  • Lawyers are used to ensure that you are being represented properly

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