Monthly Management Fee:

There will be a monthly management fee of 10% gross monthly rent per unit. We do not charge a management fee for empty units.

Tenant Placement / Leasing Commission:

One months rent for placing a tenant.

Utility Management:

Due to the extent of how utilities must be handled, and how labor intensive they are, we charge $20 per month per property to collect all bills pertaining to the property, bill accordingly, pay each utility company and track the bills. If you opt not to use this service you will be responsible for utility management and must not have any interruption to any utility service. Doing so may result in immediate termination.

Lease Signing:

$125 fee to renew a lease or sign a lease for tenant coming on board. This is not charged if we just charged you a tenant placement / leasing commission.


All collections we do, whether it is emailing notices, follow up calls, text messages or voice broadcasts, all 3 day notices and house visits are done without charge. Evictions are attorney fees, court costs, writ of restitution and a witness cost which is a flat fee of $550. Physical put-outs from evictions will be billed accordingly as it depends on how long it takes to remove the items from the home as well as how many technicians are needed. Some courts require storage and special move out contractors from their own list which will increase the cost of eviction.


Maintenance costs are billed as needed. We don’t have a price table as some costs vary with location and technician classification. We have an in house maintenance team that is able to handle all of your property needs from a leaking faucet to complete rehabs and everything in between. Please know that we also use outside contractors for issues that are outside our scope of work. For example, we do not have the equipment and team for such items as tree removal or water/sewer line replacement so we rely on contractors that are experts in their fields. They have been vetted and we have an excellent work history with those that work with daily.

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